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Bright Blue Gorilla is Robyn Rosenkrantz and Michael Glover, world-traveling musicians & filmmakers from Los Angeles.

BBG is on tour in Europe for the release of Mr. Rudolpho's Jubilee! BBG and Rudolpho will be in Europe cinemas & clubs in the spring and move to USA in summer.

They shot Mr. Rudolpho's Jubilee in Berlin and Italy - hot off the heels of their trip to the Beijing International Film Festival in support of Go with Le Flo. Go with Le Flo was featured at the festival. Go with Le Flo is available online!

BBG began in 1990, when they quit their L.A. jobs, sold everything they had (except their guitars), and committed to living a life as artists. With a "Just Do It" attitude, they began recording & distributing CDs, touring like crazy, and writing-directing-producing feature films. The result so far: 6 feature films, 11 CDs and over 3000 live performances!


Every Bright Blue Gorilla film is a labor of love. You can get a sense of the the fun & supportive atmosphere at BBG shoots in the "making of" videos. The cast and crew put a lot of creative energy into the films - and they have a great time doing it. Michael writes, directs & edits, and Robyn produces - sometimes accompanied by producer, Fred Beshid. Artisic freedom is important to BBG, so they self-finance the films - with help from Gorilla Angels through the BBG Film Fund.

BBG started making movies after they got a Hollywood break: appearing in the Alec Baldwin film, The Last Shot. (During this time Michael was working as dailies editor for the MTV show, The Osbournes - where he learned to edit.) During The Last Shot, inspiration struck and Robyn and Michael decided to take their Hollywood Movie Paycheck and start making movies themselves.

Here's an interview that gives a good view of what it's like in the film-world of Bright Blue Gorilla.

You'll find BBG music in movies & TV shows like Dawson's Creek, The Last Shot, Plain Jane, 100 Girls, and Freaky Links. Nokia also used BBG music in one of their commercials. (The commercial inspired the BBG song: "Raymond talks to the dead on his Nokia...")

What can you expect at a Bright Blue Gorilla show? Beautiful vocal harmonies, lots of laughs, songs to inspire the soul, stories and comedy improvisation. BBG uses acoustic guitars, mini guitar, bongos, mystical drum, harmonium, tablas, harmonica, flute, and any strange instrument they can get their hands on! (Video of BBG live)

Robyn and Michael are active in the world of voiceover. Michael has done VO for Disney, Microsoft, ABC Television, Fox, etc. (Michael Glover Animation Demo.) As Director, Michael has worked with the VO talents of Mark Wahlberg, Ed Asner, Peter Falk, and many others.


GO WITH LE FLO Go With Le Flo is a romantic comedy in German and French (with English subtitles), shot in Berlin. Go with Le Flo is a high-quality international labor of love with cast & crew from 20 different countries, starring fresh new faces, many from the legendary Bertolt Brecht theater: Berliner Ensemble. It was if all Berlin conspired to get this movie shot: Berlin designers gave their original clothing designs and Berlin businesses offered beautiful locations for filming. Go With Le Flo is a charming story about finding true love and taking chances.

Lose With English Shot guerilla-style on the streets of Los Angeles. The story of English Jones, former TV star, host of the exercise show "Lose With English". As the movie begins we find English down on his luck, hiding from the mob, dreaming of a comeback. Will he hit the big-time before the Italians hit him? (Video of L.A. premiere.)

Karate Film Café. "90 minutes of love, death, music & bad food." On the corner of Hollywood & Vine is a DVD store with films nobody wants, a Cafe' with the world's worst cook, and a Karate studio which teaches very odd Karate. The interaction between these three shops - run by losers & misfits - is the basis for the story. For this film, BBG and an international crew built sets on a soundstage in L.A. The result is a surreal comedy with plenty of surprises. (KFC Trailer.)

The Mind of Henry Lime. Henry Lime sells security fences to the Beverly Hills elite. He once was a top salesman, but lately he can't sleep & has trouble remembering even the simplest things. What's the answer? Lazarine, the new wonder-drug from Mizer Pharmaceutical. It works like a charm - with a slight side-effect: Amanda, the invisible woman who won't go away. Henry Lime won the "Best Comedy Feature" award at the SMTV Film Festival in Bombay, and was an "Official Selection" of both the Arhus Film Festival in Denmark and the Portabello Festival in London. The End of The Pier Film Fest in the UK gave The Mind of Henry Lime a "Special Commendation" in the "Best Feature Film" category. (Henry Lime Trailer.)

Sister Sarah's Sky. The story of a 14-year-old girl from a conservative family who rebels by secretly studying Marxism. She spends the summer with her Bohemian aunt, uncle, and their eccentric artist friends and gets a new perspective on life. The Orange County Register: "Although rated G, Sister Sarah's Sky delivers an artful and intelligent comedic look at everything from communism and capitalism to meditation and the music industry. The film also takes a surprisingly deep look at the forces that can divide and reunite families." (Sister Sarah's Sky Trailer.)

BBG loves to "give back" by teaching workshops at film and music schools. They enjoy sharing the knowledge & experience they've gained from all those years of living successfully as independent artists. The reaction to the workshops has been very rewarding.



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